VOO Brnigs me 5 great things on investing it

Currently, VOO is the largest potion in my portfolio, which accounts for over 80%

You may think “is it worth to invest so much money on it?”

Here, I will share with you the 5 things I learned from investing in VOO, and hope they can answer your questions and worries about it.

VOO is the easiest way to long-term investment

The first thing is, investing VOO is the easiest way for my long-term investment.

How easy is it to process this?

I just need to check if my monthly savings is enough to buy VOO, and then regularly invest in it, like on the 15th of each month, and keep doing it.

Also, I don’t have to worry if I buy at high or low, cause I will not know how the price goes. Just focus on keep going to buy it, and hold it tightly.

I can grow longer and higher with the market, no matter how many recessions and crisis happened

The second thing is, I can grow with the market higher and longer.

If you take a longer view from S&P 500, you will see its trend is constantly upward:


Over 90 years, the index had experienced many recessions and crises, and caused great losses. Nevertheless, the index can still recover the losses in a few years, and continue to grow.

Today, these things are still happening, and the index is still hitting record highs.

Same thing also happened on VOO.

By holding it, I can enjoy such a dramatic journey, and see my money grow during this process.

Win 80% of market investors with average market return

The third thing is, I can beat 80% of market investors with market value.

According to the latest statics, if you hold it over 10 years, then you can enjoy an over 10% returns, which is also what the market can provide you (summarize from VOO, as of Jan. 31, 2024) : 

YTD1-year3-year5-year10-yearSince inception in 2010

Do you believe that you can outperform 80% of investors just with 10% return?

Per this report in 2021, there were 80% of active funds managers that fall behind the major indexes, such as S&P 500. These funds managers were well-known experts, taking a lot of time researching, analyzing, and simulating their trading strategies. Even taking so much effort, they were still beaten by indexes.

Such stories are still happening today.

So, just by buying and holding VOO, you can win 80% for the financial experts, not to mention the individual traders.

No worries about sudden disappear of stock

The fourth thing is that, no need to worry it will disappear suddenly.

You may see or hear a lot of cases where a stock or ETF is unlist due to multiple reasons, like bad operation, bankruptcy, or liquidation.

But for indexes and their related ETFs, you rarely hear that they are unlisted. 

This is because the indexes are representative of a country’s economy, unless the country is in crisis and will disappear, they will persist forever, and so will their related ETFs.

Actually, with a $208.2 billion market cap, $1.0 trillion assets and 5M shares trading volume, and it is supervised and regulated by the authority, it is hard for Vanguard to liquidate it.

No need to care price all the time, and focus more on my life

The last one is, it releases me a lot of time to do what I want.

Honestly, my life became easier after I started investing in VOO.

No need to look at the price all the time, no need to get overwhelmed by the financial news, expert advice, forum discussion and posting from influences. Also, the tremendous research and analysis are also unneeded.

I save this time to do what I want to do, like get my work better, operate my side job, and develop my interests.

You don’t have to tie yourself to the price, just live your life much better.

Is it worth investing in VOO?

With these things I learned, then is it worth it to invest in VOO?

I can definitely say yes!

In fact, the most obvious change after investing is that I can do more things or interests I want, as the whole process is really simple, just check if I have sufficient money, and periodically invest in it, all of this only takes you less than 5 minutes.

Just think that you spend only 5 minutes to beat the 80% of investors, isn’t it too fantastic?

And, I put the long term S&P 500 trend in my mind, and understand how many times I will see the rise and fall of the economy and market. With this preparation, I have quite confident that the price will keep on growing, and I do see my money has obvious growth with this.

With many advantages, I can tell you just to start it now!

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