Not sure when to invest in VOO and QQQ? You must buy them at this time!

If you have experience in investment, and have knowledge about VOO and QQQ, I believe you will have a plan to invest in them.

However, for most people, they may not know when is the best time to invest in them, as there are so many opinions on it.

Here, I will share my thoughts about this, from perspectives of buying low and buying now, and when is the best time.

Let’s start!

If you want to buy VOO and QQQ low…

I want to talk about buying low in the beginning, it’s the most common opinion you can see now, no matter in the news, forums, youtube and social media.

The biggest advantage is that you can have the greatest return if the price bounces back, and maximize your money.

But I can tell you, it’s also the hardest thing to do.

First, you cannot predict how the price will go for VOO and QQQ.

Most analysts and experts use many ways to forecast the trend of stock price, from trailing EPS, revenue, market share, technique analysis, etc. Furthermore, they build models to make their assumption and outcome more concrete and reliable.

Unfortunately, from history, all of them can rarely precisely hit the price they predicted. What’s even worse, the price goes in a different direction from what they anticipated.

Seems a deja vu as what you did?

Second, in most cases, the high price you think is not the actual high price.

To better understand it, I will use the Nvidia as a case, which is hot in these 2 years (from Yahoo!Finance, same for below).

VOO vs Nvidia

In the mid of May, 2023, Nvidia had a 25% surge, due to the announcement of Chat GPT from Open AI, meaning a new era of AI. 

At that time, you thought it ran too fast, and wanted to buy it when it got back to the low point you think, so you didn’t buy it.

However, things did not happen as you thought, it continued rising for several months, and never fell below $400. Nowadays, its price hits over $800 in March, 2024, rises 200%!

You feel regret about why you didn’t buy it earlier.

So, if you want to buy low, it’s much more difficult than you think, as you don’t know how the price will go, and you will lose a lot of chances to buy it.

If you buy them now…

If buying low is difficult, how about buying VOO and QQQ now?

The advantage is that you can hold it now, no need to wait for good timing, and reduce the regret you feel, or so called FOMO symptom.

Also, you can enjoy the return if it’s still on the upward trending.

But you may have this concern : how do I know if I buy it high or low?

If you buy at the high price, then the trend is suddenly reversed, the price starts to fall, all of these make you feel uncertain and uncomfortable, as you don’t know when these will end.

It’s indeed the biggest advantage of this way.

The best time is…

So, what’s the best time to buy VOO and QQQ?

My answer is, buy it now!

Like I just said, if the price is in an upward trend, then owning it now is the best choice.

But how do we know if it’s good to do this?

Here, let me show you the VOO and QQQ long term trend, you will easily understand this:


As you see, the long-term trend for them is upward, meaning the price can still go up in the long-run, even if they experience many downfalls, the loss still can be recovered, as long as you keep holding them.

But, how to resolve the problem of buying high, the most concerning for you?

It’s really easy, just invest VOO and QQQ periodically.

You don’t need to pour your money in, just split them into many pieces, and invest periodically. For example, split $10,000 into $1,000, and invest $1,000 in 10 months.

If you unfortunately encounter the price down after investing the first or second $1,000, the $1,000 thereafter still can be bought at a low price, and lower the average cost.

This is also a kind of buy it now, applicable for those relying on salary, like me.

So, if you have missed many opportunities, now it’s your best time!

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